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Ken Sprague was a splendid character, racy, determined, and in his work he was invariably smiling with people and at life.   Jack Jones, former General Secretary, Transport and General Workers Union

Ken’s art has the power and strength to inspire. He is the true heir, as a socialist artist, of William Morris.   Martin Rowson, cartoonist

Ken was always a dynamic and witty commentator and an innovative user of graphics. More than that, he has always been on the side of the people against the mass-murdering governments of the world. His work and legacy should be treasured.   Adrian Mitchell, poet

A celebration of the work and vision of Ken Sprague is to be welcomed – he, as much as anyone, deserves it.   Tony Benn, politician and activist

Often using humour to nail down a political truth, Ken’s work will continue to inspire and amuse. A great cartoonist.  Rodney Bickerstaffe (former General Secretary UNISON)

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